Book Subject
Genesis God Created, Satan Corrupted, Man Fell, and Jehovah Promised to Save
Exodus Christ Is the Redemption, Salvation, and Supply of God’s People and the Means for Them to Worship and Serve God So That in Him They May Be Built Up with God Together for Them and God to Meet, Communicate, and Dwell Mutually
Leviticus Christ Is Everything in the Fellowship, Service, and Life of God’s Redeemed
Numbers Christ Is the Meaning of Life, the Testimony, the Center of God’s People, and the Leader, the Way, and the Goal of Their Journey and Fighting
Deuteronomy Christ Is the Instructor and Leader of the People of God That They May Be Able to Enter into the Heavenly Territory and Participate in His Riches
Joshua, Judges & Ruth Joshua: Israel’s Occupying and Possessing the Good Land for the Carrying Out of God’s Economy

Judges: Israel’s Forsaking God, Suffering Defeat by Their Enemies, and Becoming Rotten

Ruth: A Complete Prefigure of the Gentile Sinners’ Being Brought, with Israel, God’s Elect, into the Divine Inheritance through the Redemption of Christ in Their Union with Him

1 & 2 Samuel The Illustrations of the Way to Enjoy the God-given Good Land
1 & 2 Kings God’s Governmental Dealing in God’s Economy, with the Devastation and Ruin of the Divine Kingship on Earth by the Kings and the Tragic Issue of the Just Dealing of God
1 & 2 Chronicles A Full Chronology of God’s Move in Man’s History from Adam through Samuel to Israel’s Return from Their Captivity, with a Presentation of Some of the Important Details of God’s Dealing with the Kings of Judah
Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther Ezra: The Return of the Children of Israel from Their Captivity and the Rebuilding of the House of God as the Initiation of God’s Recovery among His Elect for His Testimony on the Earth according to His Economy

Nehemiah: The Rebuilding of the Wall of the City of Jerusalem as a Continual Recovery among God’s Elect for His Testimony for the Accomplishment of His Economy

Esther: The Very God Who Chose Israel as His Elect Becoming a Hidden God to Them to Take Care of Them Secretly and to Save Them Openly While Acting in Secrecy during Their Captivity among the Gentile Nations

Job The Purpose of God’s Dealing with His Holy One
Psalms The Expressions of the Sentiments, Feelings, Impressions, and Experience of Godly Men Seeking and Contacting God through Their Praises, Prayers, and Singing with Exultation
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song of Songs Proverbs: Words of Wisdom Teaching People How to Behave and How to Build Up Their Character in the Human Life

Ecclesiastes: The Teachings of Solomon, Showing That the Human Life in the Corrupted World Is a Vanity, a Chasing after the Wind

Song of Songs: The History of Love in an Excellent Marriage, Revealing the Progressive Experience of an Individual Believer’s Loving Fellowship with Christ

Isaiah The Salvation of Jehovah through the Incarnated, Crucified, Resurrected, Ascended, and Coming Christ
Jeremiah & Lamentations Jeremiah: Christ Being Made the Righteousness of Jehovah to God’s Elect as Their Center and Circumference, in God’s Dealings with Israel and the Nations

Lamentations: The Expression of Jeremiah’s Sorrow and Love over the Holy City and the Holy People of God

Ezekiel God’s Appearing to Man in Glory, His Judgment upon Both His People and the Nations, and His Recovery of His Chosen People for the Building Up of a Dwelling Place as a Mutual Abode and Complete Expression for and of Himself
Daniel The Destiny of Israel Apportioned Out by God – The Contents of the Seventy Weeks
Minor Prophets Hosea: Jehovah as Salvation to the Adulterous and Apostate Israel in Receiving Her Back and Restoring Her

Joel: The Devastation of the Human Government on Israel in Four Stages and Christ’s Destruction of the Devastators and His Reign among Israel in the Restoration

Amos: Jehovah’s Judgments on Israel and the Surrounding Nations, with the Issue of Restoration

Obadiah: Jehovah’s Dealing with Esau, and Jacob’s Victory for the Kingdom of Jehovah

Jonah: Jehovah’s Salvation Reaching Even unto the Gentile City Ninevah

Micah: Jehovah’s Reproof on Israel and His Restoration of Israel

Nahum: Jehovah’s Judgment on Nineveh as the Capital of the Evil Assyria

Habakkuk: The Righteous Judgment of God First on Israel by the Chaldeans and Then on the Chaldeans by the Nations

Zephaniah: Jehovah’s Judgment on Israel and on the Nations and His Salvation to the Gentiles and to Israel

Haggai: Jehovah’s Dealing with the Returned Captives for the Building of His House

Zechariah: Jehovah’s Hearty Consolation and Promise to His Chastised Chosen People through the Redemption of Christ, Who in His Humiliation Became Their Suffering Companion in Their Captivity

Malachi: Jehovah’s Dealing with the Sons of Levi (the Priests among Israel) and with the Sons of Jacob (the People of Israel)

Matthew The Gospel of the Kingdom – Proving That Christ Is the King-Savior
Mark The Gospel of God – Proving That Jesus Christ Is the Slave-Savior
Luke The Gospel of the Forgiveness of Sins – Proving That Jesus Christ is the Man-Savior
John The Gospel of Life Proving That Jesus Christ Is God the Savior Coming as Life to Propagate Himself
Acts The Propagation of the Resurrected Christ in His Ascension, by the Spirit, through the Disciples, for the Producing of the Churches – The Kingdom of God
Romans The Gospel of God – To Make Sinners Sons of God to Constitute the Body of Christ, Which Is Expressed as the Local Churches
1 Corinthians Christ and His Cross as the Solution to All Problems in the Church
2 Corinthians The New Covenant Ministry and Its Ministers
Galatians Christ Replacing the Law and Being Versus Religion and Tradition
Ephesians The Church – The Mystery of Christ, the Body of Christ as the Fullness of Christ, Becoming the Fullness of God
Philippians Experiencing Christ – Taking Christ as Our Living, Pattern, Goal, Power, and Secret
Colossians Christ – The All-inclusive One, Having the First Place in All Things as the Mystery and Embodiment of God, as the Head and Constituent of the Church, as the Allotted Portion, Life, Constituent, and Hope of the Saints, and as the Body of All Positive Things
1 & 2 Thessalonians 1 Thessalonians: A Holy Life for the Church Life – Serving the Living God, Conducting Ourselves in a Holy Manner, and Waiting for the Lord’s Coming

2 Thessalonians: Encouragement and Correction concerning the Holy Life for the Church Life

1 & 2 Timothy, Titus & Philemon 1 Timothy: God’s Economy concerning the Church

2 Timothy: Inoculation against the Decline of the Church

Titus: The Maintenance of Order in the Church

Philemon: An Illustration of the Believers’ Equal Status in the New Man

Hebrews Christ Being Superior to Judaism and Everything Related to It, and the New Covenant Which He Consummated Being Better than the Old Covenant
James Practical Christian Perfection
1 & 2 Peter & Jude 1 Peter: The Christian Life under the Government of God

2 Peter: The Divine Provision and the Divine Government

Jude: Contending for the Faith

1, 2 & 3 John 1 John: The Fellowship of the Divine Life

2 John: Prohibition against Participation in Heresy

3 John: Encouragement to the Fellow Workers in the Truth

Revelation Christ as the Center of God’s Administration according to God’s Eternal Economy